Have yo ever wondered what does the Animals,Monuments,Language and Dances look like i will tell you

The National Animal of India is Bengal tiger

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The National Bird of India is A Peacock

The National Flower of India is The Lotus Flower

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Here are some Monuments that you can go to like the....

1.Taj Mahal

2.Ajanta Caves

3.India Gate


5.Statue of Unity

There are so much Monuments!Would you like to see some let me show you down here

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Did you know how many Language's are in India there are about 23 Language's and here is a picture of Language's down here

Here are some important Dances In India there are like...

1.Bharatanatyam-Bharatanatyam is a dance of Tamil Nadu in southern India.

2.Kathakali-Kathakali comes from southwestern India, around the state of Kerala.

3.Kathak-A dance of northern India, Kathak is often a dance of love. It is performed by both men and women.

4.Manipuri-Manipuri comes from Manipur in northeastern India. It has its roots in that state’s folk traditions and rituals, and often depicts scenes from the life of the god Krishna.

5.Kuchipudi-Unlike the other styles mentioned, kuchipudi requires talent in both dancing and singing. This dance, from the state of Andhra Pradesh in southeastern India, is highly ritualized

6.Odissi-Odissi is indigenous to Orissa in eastern India. It is predominantly a dance for women, with postures that replicate those found in temple sculptur.